Ends of object are cut off, unable to Edit

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Ends of object are cut off, unable to Edit

Post by Troy at TheGTAMblog »

I did a search of the forums, but cannot find anyone talking about a similar problem...

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but when I create a Text Object and set it in the middle of the view, and go to convert the object to an image, and then edit the object; the result is a black and white display of the object to edit it - with the ends missing/cut off :?:

As in, the first and last letters are almost completely cut out of the black and white editing window, and there seems to be no way to adjust it. I have tried using the scroll bars, zooming, etc.

On the main MS3D viewport, the whole text object is displayed, and even if I adjust the orientation so that it is farther away (looking smaller), when I go to convert the object to text, the ends are still cut off/out of the editing window's display.

Just wondering what I might be missing/doing wrong...

It seems the "Convert To Graphics" tool is based on the size of the Font utilized.
I could not manipulate the Text Object in any way that would make it fully visible in the Editing window (without "cutting the ends off"); but I found that if I lowered the initial Text Font Size when creating the Text Object, it was then fully viewable and editable in the Editing Object window when attempting to Convert it to an image ("Convert to Graphics"). Perhaps this is the solution...