[Plugin] "Red-Eye" removal

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Re: [Plugin] "Red-Eye" removal

Post by paz_sandro »

Did someone get a solution to critical problem mentioned before?

Critical: Whe I output the image with the correction applied the correction does not show in the JPEG image, it seems like if the plugin was only used at preview time, not at export time.

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Re: [Plugin] "Red-Eye" removal

Post by nickholus »

realjab wrote:Michael it seems like the version in your web is still 1.2.2.
I've just been bit by this - great to see a red-eye plugin, and used it to "fix" a hundred photos today. Didn't notice that the fix isn't exported until I'd almost published them! I'd love to see the new version, or some other workaround to use the plugin for now - I might try downgrading aftershot and see what problems (if any) that gives...

Can you let us know if it'll be a long while until you're able to publish the new version? If it is, I'll redo in some other software for now!

Thanks again for your work and the plugin!
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Re: [Plugin] "Red-Eye" removal

Post by nex4 »

Any update on this? Is there a workaround?