Multi cam / Multi video viewing at once


Multi cam / Multi video viewing at once

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I'm new to mediastudio and dv editing, so I hope someone could give some help. I have two video streams from different camera's that I would like to synchronize on the timeline. In the final result I want to switch between the two streams. I've imported the two streams on separate video layers.

Is it possible to open PER video layer a seperate viewer window? I can select the general timeline window with the video and the source window. I can hide and view PER layer, but it would be nice if I have two active video's at once on my screen. That makes it easier both to syncrhonize the two video layers and while editing it is useful for selecting the best angle for the final result (not even doing pip etc).

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I do two-camera shoots a lot, and once you have the two streams synchronised, there's no real need to see both onscreen at the same time.

Put your "master" on the lowest track. This is the tripod shot that has the best sound and is going to be your safety net if the footage from any of the other cams is unusable.

For each of the other (synchronised) tracks, chop out any footage that is obviously unusable - zooms, pans etc - to leave only the footage that is potentially usable.

Then go through what you're left with, tidying up clip lengths and making sure that nothing is longer than eight seconds or shorter than two seconds.
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Seeing both videos at the same time can be handy in determining how you'll flow back and forth between them.

One of the many valuable tips and tricks in Charlie Hills inexpensive, but worth 4 times the price book, Getting Results with Media Studio Pro 8 is a section that shows how to see both at once and do this kind of thing.

Highly recommend it. If you're in a hurry, just download the PDF.

If you want the printed copy later, he credits the PDF price to you.

It's totally worth it.

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