Crash on exit

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Crash on exit

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Now and then, well, quite often, my VS10 crashes when I exit the program. I guess it's a crash anyway since that message with "Report to Microsoft" shows up and the next time I start it, it wants to do a recovery. VS functions without problems up to that point and since the project is saved it's no big deal more than the annoyance. Any ideas as to what it can be?

Ken Veal
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VS Crashing

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Could be one of many things, have a look through the following.
Check out the following to optimise your PC and Video Studio to hopefully avoid most of the problems that sometimes happen when working on your projects.:-

Always follow the recommended procedures Go
Delete unwanted and temporary files to help avoid possible conflicts,crashes
and free up space
It makes things a lot easier if your clips ,files and projects are stored in the Library Manager then they can be deleted in one swoop.To access the L.M either Go Tools Lib Man or select it from the list via the drop down arrow next to where you change the library type.Choose the media type then new-name it,select edit to amend name/description if required.You can then delete the named folders and their contents in one go when you want to.
If you did not use the L.M. a project file will have a .vsp extention.
To delete non consequtive files - Select the 1st file then hold down control as you highlight each file then click delete +shift to delete them all.
To del consequtive files Select 1st file, +select the last clip which will highlight all inbetween then press del. + shift which will remove all those clips from the library.In V.S. 9 + later confirm that you want the files deleted from the hard drive too.In V>S> 8 + earlier deleting and icon will also delete the original file whether image,audio or a video file.
Delete the contents of the Windows Prefetch folder (NOT the folder) Go
If you did not shift+click to del. in Windows empty the recycle bin.
After making a DVD Go my documents-ulead folders + delete folders
named convert(only those in my docs)
In preferences-create disc select clear cache to del. converted temp files on
leaving Video Studio
C:documents and settings-user name-local settings-temp to del. those temp files if you can see them, if not you may need to show hidden XP Go
Tools-folder options-view-show hidden files and folders
You can also Go
Tools-preview files manager to del. temp preview used project files
Delete all unwanted files on your hard drive, it can slow down as it fills up.
In XP Go to My Computer-right click C: (or your hard drive) properties-Disc Clean up, this can sometimes catch files you may have missed and will delete them for you.
Use a dedicated hard drive for your capture or failing that partition your H.D.Use Ultra/66 7200 rpm drives or faster with as much capacity as you canWhen you capture to your C: drive and the system your PC has to read files from +to it at the same time and large avi files could cause problems
Defragment your hard drive often for more efficient operation,( there are many programmes that will do this better than windows can )
This tidies up fragmented files on your hard drive. Go
So, defrag after you have deleted all unwanted and temp files

Enable DMA (direct memory access.) for IDE discs capturing video.This moves info from system memory bypassing the CPU and helps to avoid dropped frames.In XP Go start-control panel-system-in system properties dialogue box-hardware-device manager,double click ata atapi controllers-
Choose ide channel-advanced settings-dma .
Disable write behind caching.In XP go
Control panel-system-hardware-device manager-double click disk drive-choose hard drive-double click policies.Set paging (swap File) size.Set min+max to twice your RAM (random access memory)
With write behind caching video is stored in your ram in the Ist instance and written to disc later.
Sometimes incorrect VS operation can be solved by Go add or remove programmes via control panel-select VideoStudio-change remove-repair.
Titles:- if you do not keep them in the safe area ( a box in the preview window) you will not see all of them on your TV screen ) Go file- pref-gen tab-display title safe area.
Apply anti flicker filter in pref create disc to improve viewing menu pages on a TV .
For best use of DV quick scan in DV to DVD Wizard (which scans a dv cam for scenes to import) and device control with a correct dv tape timecode:-
Record all of a blank tape without stopping with the lens cover on first. Recorded.scenes will be detected by date and time (as they will be under edit-split by scene).If you rewind to view a recorded scene on your cam, make sure you start recording exactly where you left off or the time code may zero again and may confuse VS or cause capture problems.
For inspiration view a sample project and practice on it.Go
C;\programmefiles\ulead systems\ulead video studio 9\samples\sample-pal vsp/sample-ntsc.vsp
Instant playback will let you view your project without a temp preview file being created but it will not be100% smooth depending on your PC spec as well.
Select non square pixel rendering to reduce distortion and maintain DV resolution when viewing on a TV.From the project properties dialogue box via project options and preferences select non sq pixel rendering .
Don't forget those FAQs(frequently asked questions) Go
------------------------------------ Before you capture from your cam (powered by an AC adapter) close other progs that may be running like a screen saver or anti virus software that will take up processor resource.
Forum Search to a known number post.Select the address at the top-press left arrow key-get flashing cursor on the right of the previous number then backspace out the old number and enter the one you want to get to.
Make sure that you have the latest version of video card drivers.
If you need to reinstall Video Studio have a look at ... 5773#55773

Also view
re selective start up
re Date Execution Prevention and VS not loading properly.

regards Ken
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Above added to the Useful tips section :D
Roger Lindberg

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None of the above helped but as long it's only on exit and I don't lose any functionality, I won't mind too much. Thanks anyway.