Cropping with print preview

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Cropping with print preview

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I have tried every photo editing software made and I have found the photoimpact print preview the most outstanding part of the program. After I download a picture from my digital camera, the first thing I will do is set the resolution for the picture print size I intend to print. (Need only be an approximate setting) I will the go to print preview and my picture will appear on a grid representing the printer paper. I will always enter my resolution as a lower number so my picture will appear overlapping the the print paper border. I will then place my mouse pointer over the picture and move it while holding the left mouse button down and the entire picture will follow the mouse pointer on the screen. I am actually doing cropping in"live time". Once my picture is centered the way I want it I let go of the mouse button. I then click print and my picture will print exactly as it was on the grid. This feature is such a time saver when doing multible prints from the same source. With my Canon digital camera tethered to the computer with there software and using Photoimpact I can take a picture, download it, crop it and print a 4x6 inch print in 2 minutes!!! No other program can do this. Please leave comments.

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Thanks for sharing that with us. I never print my images to small prints, the shops are cheaper for that.

Still a neat little time saver for someone wanting to print every image.
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