Royalty Free (Buyout) Background Music Sources

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Royalty Free (Buyout) Background Music Sources

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I personally have looked high and low throughout the internet in search for background music that I can use with corporate (business use) productions.

For personal use, royalty rights are not an issue. For me, someone that uses music to promote products and services on-line and via marketing DVDs, it is imperative that I am legitimate when using someone else's music.

So, with that said, I wanted to tell you a little about my experiences . . . If you yourself have been looking for good sources to purchase music license agreements from, then you yourself have likely seen the music licensing world of utter chaos and ambiguity. There are good sites out there like that have a wonderful way of reviewing their music. It's really nice. But then, when you get down to wanting to use their music, watch out, the pricing structure is a bit high. But, after you've gone through much agony of dealing with some of the other hard to work with sites, you're likely like me willing to pay just about anything when you find a piece of music that you like.

A recent example is that we made a 3-minute video to be shared on You-Tube and distibuted via 100 DVDs that we needed background music for. I found a perfect track off of, however to license its use for Web Video i.e. You Tube, they wanted $50 (Business One Time Background Use) per year. And, $.50 per DVD we distributed under 100 piece Qty. Ouch . . .

The thing is, Royalty Free Music Sites have their own way of getting as much $$ from you as they can. They have so many idiosyncrasies, so many variations, so many 'this and thats' that it simply makes your head spin trying to filter through it all. Then, on top of all that filtering you still have to find the right song, which might mean listen to hours and hours of songs. In the mean time generating an enormous headache :)

So, here's what I found that we plan on using as a first line of music choices for ourselves proceeding forward . . . .
There are music sources out there that will sell you their music once to use as many times as you want, for whatever purpose you want, as long as you want, and they call this a "Buyout License". - Which means that after you buy the Music from that source, you have 100% full rights to do whatever you want with that music.

The best source I found for a compilation of Buyout Music, CD/Download suppliers, believe it or not, has been through Ebay.

Simply search for Royalty Free Music, and you'll see for yourself that there are plenty of CDs/Bundle-Options out there for you to choose from.
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Post by sjj1805 »

Thanks for this information. We have various links relating to copyright and "Free" music. I will create some cross references to this thread and include it in our indexes.

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Post by auntisocial »

Thank you very much for this information. We will use it! :D

[url=]R'AGING AGE Productions[/url]
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Post by Black Lab »

Basically no restrictions on what you can or cannot use. Truly "royalty free". Their libraries are a little expensive, but they are always having sales (sign up for their emails). The quality is top-notch.