DVDWS2: [Transitions Between Menu Pages]

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DVDWS2: [Transitions Between Menu Pages]

Post by sjj1805 »

SUBJECT: DVDWS2: [Transitions Between Menu Pages]

If you want to brighten up your DVD menu and add some fancy transitions between menu pages, read on!!

To achieve this effect you will also need a video editing program such as Video Studio 9 or Media Studio 8.

Step 1. Create a normal DVD
Create your DVD in the usual way with thumbnails, sound effects, backgrounds
Burn your project to a Hard Drive folder
For the purposes of this demonstration my working folder is Z:\DVD\test\

Step 2. Prepare your transitions.
Open your Video Editor Program (VS9 or MSP8) and start a new project.
Navigate to your working folder Z:\DVD\test\
You will now see a sub-directory tree structure as follows

There will be the same number of Menu-0x folders as you have menu pages.

Within Menu_01 is a file named MOTIONMENU_ 1.mpg
Within Menu_02 is a file named MOTIONMENU_ 2mpg

Import these mpg files into your video editor, trim them so that they are only a few seconds long. Add two of these mpg files together on the timeline and insert a transition such as [Film] / [Turn Page]. Render this to a small video file such as menu1-menu2.mpg

Remember to reverse the two clips so that in your completed DVD menu you can also go the other way ie.

Step 3. Modify the DVD you created in Step 1.
Return to DVD Workshop and import the new MPG files you created in step 2 above.
Add them to the video title list as per the following screenshot.
And alter the playlist on the button tab for the Next menu / Previous Menu buttons so that it plays your MPG file first and then resumes with the chosen menu page.

Step 4. Create your modified DVD in the normal way.
Because you are now using videos which were previously rendered in step 1 above, this time your DVD will be created in a short space of time unlike the possible/probable couple of hours in step 1.