Can I do this with Cool 3D?


Can I do this with Cool 3D?

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Hi, I'm a newbie to the forum and to creating 3D graphics. I have a graphic I created in Photoshop Elements 2 of a woman that I want to make 3D. Right now, I have just used the simple Bevel layer style to create a little bit of dimension but I really want a completely 3D version.

You can see a partial view of her on the header graphic for my website forum at

Is Cool 3D the program that will help me do this? If so, is it something a newbie can handle? If not, is there any one who can help me create this?
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Post by rwernyei »

COOL3D PS is used more in the areas of 3D object modeling, titling, particles, etc... Character animation is almost out of the question. Not to say that it couldn't be done but it would be VERY tedious work and your ending result maybe less than desired due to the many limitations of this product. Also, adding movement would be even a bigger task. I would look at other 3D programs that use kinematics for movement and are better suited for character modeling. In the under US $300 price range, I would take a look at Hash Animation Master and Blender(free). Both carry learning curves but really excel in this area.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I don't need movement, just 3D but I will definately check out those programs.

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Another one to look at would be Maya. I don't have a link handy right now but if you Google for it you should find it.
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i think maya is the best software for 3d animation, Photoshop together with Maya will be one of the best combination for moving 3d graphics works. I will write an art essay for Maya and Photoshop.
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