problems with photo express 4.0Se


problems with photo express 4.0Se

Post by katrinaf3 »

i am having problems running express 4.0 se.
I have installed it from the disc and then when i click on it to start it up it has the box with windows installer come up and then wont go any further.
I hit cancel and it says canceling and the only way i can close this box is if i use the task manager.

I have windows xp and the funny thing is i installed it the first time and it ran fine and then suddenly it started doing this. i have tried unistalling it and reinstalling it and it does the same thing.

thanks heaps katrinaf3

Post by tigerafb »

i had to compleetly reinstall windows then the photo express and it worked fine pe4 dosent like to be uninstalled

No problem uninstalling

Post by markdant »

I have not had a problem uninstalling or re-installing PE 4. You need to re-start before re-installing