.gif Files are Slow-Mo in IE but not in Firefox

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.gif Files are Slow-Mo in IE but not in Firefox

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After creating a .gif animation from a .avi file (source was 30fps) with .3 second delay between frames, the .gif is slow in IE and perfect in Firefox. I plan on having this image on my website, so I would like to please all users. Is this just a browser issue? If so, how can I fix this? Or am I doing something wrong in Ulead Gif Animator 5?

img - http://sl.devnet.us/test.gif

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For the most part, it's a browser issue. IE and Opera choke on it. Netscape and Firefox play it okay. IrfanView viewer plays it back at a good speed, while Microsoft's Windows Picture and Fax Viewer plays it slowly. Browsers do a few things inconsistently, not just GIF playback.

As well over 90% of people still use IE, your best bet would be to shrink that down... You could also put a link to the original version so Firefox and Netscape users can see it properly.

In the image below, I took your original animation and deleted frames 2-4, 6-8, 10-12, 14-16, etc. and left the timing at .03 seconds.
* image no longer available *

If you look at your original animation, you will note that many of the frames (and objects) are practically the same. For example, frames 2-4 are mostly unchanged. The fewer frames the better. Smaller file size, and less of a chance for a browser to bog down playing it.

Turning video file into GIF files isn't easy. Most folks tend to do what you did, just import the video and save as a GIF. To keep the file size down, one must usually go through it frame by frame and delete near-exact frames, and possibly tweak the frame delay to compensate. It's a pain, but should be done.

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ahh.. alright man. thanks =)

i'll keep that in mind next time. thanks again for the fast responce!