banner text is off the screen?

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banner text is off the screen?

Post by gg1965 »

I may be missing the bleeding obvious but this little problem is causing me immense frustrations.

I am trying to add banner text to my animated gif (ulead gif animator 5.0.5) and my text is placed off my actual gif image. I try and change the little blue box/frame to adjust the position but that does not help. i can change the text to be vertical and then i run the preview and i can see a portion of the text scroll through but when i change it back to horizontal, and even changing the font size, i can see no text. This implies to me that the text is being placed off the main image as i can only see a portion of the vertical text go through.

I've changed the various font sizes, the actual fonts themselves and still the same thing. It appears that the text i want to put in is being added off the image itself.

Doers this problem sound familiar to anyone? If so, how do i fix it?

I do apologise of this is a simple requent but i cannot work out hoe to see my banner text and how to position it on my pictures so that i can see it.


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Post by Gray »

gg1965 make sure the OBJECT MANAGER PANEL is checked in your VIEW MENU. It will appear on the right side of your screen. Right click on the OBJECT BOX on the right side of your screen that you added the text to. Choose OBJECT PROPERTIES. Now choose POSITION and SIZE. Look at the LEFT and TOP position numbers to give you an idea of where your text is. Change the LEFT and TOP position numbers say 50 at a time in both + and - directions until you see your text appear in the window. 0, 0 is top left. You should be able to find it.