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Before asking questions in this forum, please make sure you have checked everything in the USER MANUAL and README of the program. Though the information is that detailed, it is a good place to start in finding answers to your basic questions on how to use the program.

For problems not covered in the manual, please follow this format in posting your questions:

SUBJECT: Please use a subject that describes your exact problem instead of making us guess what's in your post.

Nature of the problem

Properties of your source files (format, file size, where did you get it?)

What devices are involved and their mode of connection?

Output format

Error Codes (if any)

If you haven't already done so please click here --> Image so that we can then view your system specifications.

** You may copy and paste the text in blue and just enter type in your information under each item. **

It is important that you give those information so we wont waste time asking for this instead of giving you solutions/suggestions. If you don't follow this, there is a big chance that people here will ignore your post.

You may also find more information in the Learning Centerand Knowledge Baseof so please take time to read them.

And one more thing, use the SEARCH function!!! It is likely that your question has already been answered in other post!

Thank you
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There now exists several different versions of the various Ulead products.
To further assist with troubleshooting errors please include the Full Version number of your software.

Using MovieFactory as an example:
DVD MovieFactory Version 4 Disc Creator (ESD Download)
DVD MovieFactory Version 4 Disc Creator (Boxed Version)
DVD MovieFactory Version 4 LE

Please also indicate if you have installed any service packs.