No sound on DVD


No sound on DVD

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I made a projectin DWS2.232, in finish step, all seems ok, but after burning on DVD, there is no sound (in menu and on tracks).
I don't understand what is the problem

Thnaks for your help
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what are your source videos (type of video/audio) :?:

what are your project settings -- NTSC or PAL, type of audio (LPCM, mpeg, AC3) :?:

how many audio tracks in your project :?:

where is there no audio -- playback in set-top dvd player, in computer dvd-rom drive, from dvd folders on your computer :?:
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No Sound

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What files are you using? DVD compliant MPEGs, Separate Audio and video files (AVI or MPEG) etc. etc. ?
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Hmm. . . like George said, while i was thinking the same thing :lol:

Answer to yours questions

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My project contains AVI files (from Adobe premiere). The audio tracks are including in AVI file

I have 5 video tracks in my project. it is a PAL project

No audio in set-top dvd-player, computer dvd-rom drive. But when I'm testing my project in DWS, I heard all audio tracks.

I tried to create a DVD folder and burn with NERO, I have the same problem.
I tried to burn directly from DWS, same

Have you some ideas ?
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You could try outputing you Premier files as separate AVI (video) and WAV (audio) files and let DVD Workshop re-multiplex them for you when you burn your DVD

Make sure you output your audio at 48000 Hz 16bit uncompressed.
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What are your project/burning settings? Not all set-top players accept all audio formats. We must know what you are doing before we can help.

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I'm using standard parameter to burn my project.
I'm aggre that all set-top player don't accept all audio format, but on the computer, all audio format can be read.

I'm at office now, but i will check after work all the parameters.


I have no audio on burned DVD

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I created a project using MPEG files from an existing DVD. I am able to hear the audio on these scenes in the player when I preview the DVD. However, after burning to a DVD. I am unable to hear the audio on the scenes only. I do have audio on my menu's and I can hear those fine. I just used the default audio assignment for the burn(60 min high quality). Is there something I am doing wrong? The MPEG files were created by using the "Get files from DVD" function. It seems strange they sound fine when previewing, and only fail on a burned DVD.

****UPDATE**** I discovered my problem. My source DVD for the scenes was a basic DVD+R that was loosely put together. The DVD system is using optical output to a home theater system. I discovered the original DVD doesn't even have audio on my home system. My burned DVDs play fine with audio on my PC and portable DVD player. This then brings up the question....

Do professional DVDs have multiple audio outputs? If I were to burn using Digital Dolby AC-3, would I then only be able to hear audio with my optical reciever? I'm new to all this DVD recording and editing business.

Problem solved

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Hi all,

thanks for your answers. I solved the problem. I changed audio option from LPCM to Dolby digital. Now I can hear the audio on the DVD.

Thanks again

DWS2 - No sound

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For 3 days, I struggled with no dv/wav sound on my DWS2. I solved the problem by uninstalling the all-in-one codecs from control panel. Apparently, a codec conflict is causing it. My DWS2 is up and about once again.