Can't Re-Intall Paintshop Pro 2023 Ultimate Fix

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Can't Re-Intall Paintshop Pro 2023 Ultimate Fix

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My Paintshop Pro 2023 Ultimate was running not so well and decided to uninstall/re-install, but it wouldn't do it and tech support never got back to me. Researched for hours yesterday and finally remembered I had trouble like this with Video Studio. I check my backup email from tech support and the guy called it a "Cleanup Tool" I Googled "Cleanup tool" and there it was from "Sticky". A list of cleanup tools. I'm hoping if I create the Topic "Can't Re-Intall Paintshop Pro 2023 Ultimate Fix", someone else will find it on the forum or on Google. Thanks Sticky for posting the "[Sticky] -- Clean Up Tools for: PSP X4 through to PSP 2023". That fixed the re-install, and I ran it 3 times to make sure. :mrgreen:

The Link I found this on is. ... 3aca567ba6