Can't paint or edit raster layers in portrait

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Can't paint or edit raster layers in portrait

Post by MSgtDann23 »

I've been watching many tutuorials and either I'm doing something wrong or my software isn't working correctly. Had a tough time installing ps pro 2023 ultimate, it wouldn't open. Support had me do all kinds of crazy things including installing ps pro into another windows account which was called test. Then install only from a designated site. So, I don't know if it's me or the software, but after over a month of trying, I'm only getting minimum results. The more I save the file to a jpeg, the less it let's me edit or paint on the portrait. Is there a known bug that can be fixed in my software? Do I need to open the jpeg, save as a psp file first, and then reopen it into the psp file format and edit or paint? I've been opening my jpeg file, creating duplicate, naming it Background, and creating rastor layer, going to raster layer to edit or paint, and it won't let me do anything. I've tried resetting ps Pro by holding down the shift key, and opening ps pro, and it acted like it was trying to do work properly and then stop. I'm really confused at this point. I'm trying to finish up a portrait photo, and spending hours trying to find a way to edit the portrait photo. Does anyone have any ideas or advice.
Thanks in Advance...
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Re: Can't paint or edit raster layers in portrait

Post by Jean-Luc »

You should work in pspimage file format and save in JPEG only when the job is done.

Do File -> Preferences -> General program preferences -> Miscellaneous -> Uncheck Save edit history to image metadata... This will prevent the pspimage file from increasing its size.
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