Pop up Menus Zoomed - now unusable

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Pop up Menus Zoomed - now unusable

Post by jjv55 »

First, I apologize if this makes no sense. I am a novice & am struggling with how to explain this issue.

I have the newest update.

I run it from a Dell PC and will connect via HDMI to an external monitor for a dual monitor setup. When I run the program on the laptop, using only the laptop monitor, everything looks ok. When I plug in the HDMI for the external monitor and go to dual monitors, and shift PSP to the monitor, it zooms a bit, but is fine. However, now the pop up sub menus show up on the laptop monitor & are zoomed in so far that they are unusable (see pic). I cannot figure out how to scale them back to be readable/usable. No monitor settings have been changed.

This only started happening after I updated. The only issue I had prior was that the sub menus would pop up on the laptop screen instead of the monitor. But they were still usable.
PSP grab.png
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