I think I am going to dump this program

Corel Paint Shop Pro

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I think I am going to dump this program

Post by 357mag »

This software is very, very slow to open up. In fact, the last time I tried to open it, nothing happened for so long that I thought it just wasn't going to open, but then I see it struggling to open. Paint.net is tons faster and more peppy. Bloated software just sucks.
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Re: I think I am going to dump this program

Post by Ken Berry »

I sympathize with you, as I used to have the same problem with PSP. But I upgraded my computer and now it starts in 8 seconds for the first opening after starting up my computer, and slightly less thereafter during the same boot session.

I'm not suggesting you get a new computer. But other users report variable times for starting PSP, including a probably unacceptable number in your boat.

One thing you might want to try before switching to another program would be to add more resources to PSP. With PSP open, go to Task Manager on your computer, and click on Details. Then browse down to Corel PaintShop Pro and right click on it. On the new window which appears, go to 'Set Priority'. By default this will probably be set to 'Normal'. Try moving that priority up to 'Above Normal', 'High' or 'Realtime'. With each, close PSP and try reopening it. Hopefully you should see an increasing speed in opening it.

When I had this problem with past computers, I settled on Realtime for the best results.
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Re: I think I am going to dump this program

Post by Hankster »

Just tried this on both our computers here, it works! thanks!