Problem Exporting .tga files

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Problem Exporting .tga files

Post by PapaJeff »

I have just upgraded from PSP8 to PSP22. With version 8, I could save a graphic as a .tga file and use it in another program. However, when I attempt this in version 22, it doesn't work right. The error message I receive is "Only 256, 24 bit, and 32 bit are supported." I check marked the 24/32 bit box. I've tried the other options. I have tried each option compressed and uncompressed. I keep getting the error.

If I save as a png, then run it through a converter, it works fine. With the old version, I didn't need this extra step. i'm pretty sure I am missing something somewhere. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Problem Exporting .tga files

Post by LeviFiction »

Quick note: I'm on 2023. Though I don't think there was a TGA fix between versions mentioned anywhere to make me think 2022 would be any different.

I have no issues saving to TGA format. The only error message I get is that it's going to flatten my layers and that I have to put any transparency into the alpha channel before saving or transparency will be lost, or that a 16-bit image will be downgraded to 8-bit. In this case the language is a bit different. 8-bit being 24bit or 32/bit with an alpha channel.

In all cases I tried, the errors are warning you about what changes they'll make to the image before saving but they do save. Any chance you can show us a screenshot of the error, and the Image Information Dialog?

Have you tried resetting PSP to factory defaults in case there is corruption?