Bottom of Workspace cut off

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Bottom of Workspace cut off

Post by twins225 »

I have made no changes to my computer.
I have restarted PSP.
But the bottom of the workspace remains cut off. Not a huge issue, but kind of annoying.
Is this a PSP setting thing or a Windows thing?
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Bottom of Workspace cut off

Post by LeviFiction »

Is PSP maximized? Do you have the taskbar set to auto-hide? I don't have WIndows 11 so I don't know if they made any differences there. But on every other version of Windows, I could recreate this under two different circumstances.

1) If PSP was not maximized, but I had manually resized the window to b the same height as my screen, it is able to go behind the taskbar as a free-floating window. If I maximized it, it resized itself to just barely touch the taskbar and fill the rest of the screen.


2)If I had my taskbar set to auto-hide itself, and maximized PSP the taskbar would pop-up in front of the program when I was using it. Or, worse, when a program was demanding attention and wouldn't let the focus go. The taskbar would just always be showing. I would have to close the program demanding attention for it to auto-hide itself.

If neither of these two are true for you, no idea.