"Offline" I hope someone can help.

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"Offline" I hope someone can help.

Post by LynneNC »

I have PSP 2022 Ultimate. I have it installed on my lap top and also on my desktop. It says I am "offline" on the software on both machines, so I'm not able to access any of the content like tutorials, etc. I also installed the Corel Creative Collection but do not see the extra frames it's supposed to have. I was able to install all the other software that comes with PSP Ultimate except the Paticle shop brush pack as it says I'm "offline" and to try again later. I am sooo frustrated as I paid $100 for this software and am unable to use parts of it. I have emailed and done the chat option with Corel but have yet to hear from someone to get help. I hope someone can help. I'm sooo annoyed.
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Re: "Offline" I hope someone can help.

Post by LeviFiction »

NOTE: These are just my best guesses, I don't know what's going on with your system. And might be completely off on my assumptions.

Offline just means it can't connect to the resource it needs to connect to. I have on occasion seen a blue link to bring it online, or when I click the edit tab and then go back to the home tab it self-corrects because it can now connect to the site.

If it's still blocked, there could be any number of reasons including your Anit-Virus. If your anti-virus has DNS/web filtering (I believe on Avast it's called Web Shield/Guard for example) you can try disabling those to see if it corrects the issue. The other possibility is your firewall restricting the software though that's rare. PSP makes several connections to external servers over ports 80 and 443 which are standard website ports and don't require anything special so most systems wouldn't automatically stop it.

So test turning off your anti-virus to see if that makes a change. Also check your firewall rules to see if PSP is specifically being blocked.