PSP 8 (ancient) odd CPU behaviour

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PSP 8 (ancient) odd CPU behaviour

Post by terrypin »

I have PSP 8 installed on my very old MESH Windows XP PC in my shed workshop. Just noticed that when I'm running nothing else of significance the total CPU usage is cycling between 1% and 19% at roughly 1 second intervals. Not sure if that's related to the fact that I've just replaced the monitor (an ancient Ilyama Prollite 1920 x 1080, with an Acer 1366 x768).

Any ideas on likely cause please?

It's no big deal as I use that PC mainly with my oscilloscope application, but I do edit occasionally in PSP 8 so always load it on bootup. So I could instead leave it olff until I need it, but...
Terry, East Grinstead, UK
Using PSP 8 & PSP 2018 under Win 10