A few tweaks to PaintShop Pro 2023 please

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A few tweaks to PaintShop Pro 2023 please

Post by Martin Mouse »

This is so trivial that I am embarrassed to ask, but here goes !
I have been a user of PaintSHop Pro for ages - I've just installed PaintShop Pro 2023 on a Windows 11 laptop. All's well except for two things that I'd like to do. . .
I'm using the Essentials workspce - it suits me fine - and I would simply like to add a few icons to the broad toolbar at the top, below the ribbon titles File, Edit, View, Image etc.
I used to have few much-used items there eg Resize, Save As etc etc - it was simply very convenient. Is this possible ?
Secondly, when I open PointShop Pro I used to be able to go straight to Edit . . . Paste as new image - then I'd paste something from the clipboard.
Now I have to open an image before I can get to this dialog - then I can open the Clipboard image.
I am finding that quite a pain. Is there a way round this ?
Thanks for any help
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Re: A few tweaks to PaintShop Pro 2023 please

Post by LeviFiction »

I highly recommend using the Complete workspace. Essentials is just stripped down for no real purpose other than to remove a number of options. If you like the look you can always make Complete look like Essentials. Making new toolbars, for example, cannot be done in Essentials. You can only edit existing ones through a round-about method.

But if you insist on Essentials there are several things to note. By default Essentials does not have the standard toolbar open. So if you haven't already enabled that do so by going to View -> Toolbars -> Standard. Then you can drag it into place beneath the menu bar and above the tool options palette. To add items to this toolbar or remove items from it you need to go to View -> Customize.

While this dialog is open you can copy menu items and drag them onto the toolbar. Do this by first clicking on a menu to open it, then hold CTRL and Left-Click and Drag to make a copy of any menu item, drag it onto the toolbar and release the Left Mouse Button. You can then right-click on any toolbar button to change it's appearance. For example making it an Image only instead of Image and Text. Since Save As is already a part of the standard toolbar you would only need to add the commands that aren't there normally.

I don't have the problem you're seeing with Paste As New Image. So long as it recognizes there is an image on the clipboard to paste I can paste as new image. So not sure what's going on there for you.