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PicToPainting transparent background

Post by Oosoom »

Good day to all,

Is there a way to preserve the transparent background of an image when using the PicToPainging plugin?

I'm using PSP 2019 Ultimate. I'm importing a png image with a transparent background, and I'd like to "cartoonize" the image, BUT it's important that I retain the transparent background. Is this possible?
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Re: PicToPainting transparent background

Post by LeviFiction »

I no longer use the plugin and don't remember much about how it works.

First thing I would try is clicking on the lock icon on the layers palette to lock the layer transparency.

If that doesn't work you can save the transparency as a selection in the alpha channel and restore it after you apply the plugin.

1) Grab the magic wand tool
2) Set the Match Mode to Opacity
3) Make sure the "Contiguous" check is NOT checked.
4) Click on the transparent background. (All of the transparent areas should now be selected)
5) Menu Selections -> Save/Load Selection -> Save to Alpha Channel
6) Selections -> Select None
7) Run plugin
8 ) Selections -> Save/Load -> Load from alpha channel
9) Hit the Delete Key to delete the area.