Border Artifacts on Cropped Photos

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Border Artifacts on Cropped Photos

Post by dalessad »

Hi All,
I'm getting border artifacts / ghosting for photos on a frame using VideoStudio 2023. (this happened in VS2021 as well but was able to work around this by using different cropping, not this time though)

I am using "Custom Motion" to "fling" the photos in from various entry points and final states AND I've added Pan and Zoom filter, that's it. I also see a PIP Path Filter added in the VS 2032 version where it didn't exist in VS2021.

Border artifacts:
Borders with Copped photos.png
Filters in VS2023 with a mysterious PIP Path filter which I didn't add in the VS2021 version:
Filters where Border Artifacts Exist.PNG
Anyone else experiencing something similar and any suggestions on a fix / alternate approach?

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Re: Border Artifacts on Cropped Photos

Post by gewb »

Can you attach a simple sample VSP file for us to play with? If so, attach it as a zip file.
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Re: Border Artifacts on Cropped Photos

Post by lata »

Some of the problems here may be avoided by applying less filters
Where we use the Crop then Advanced Motion affects the whole landscape image and not just the cropped portion. It is that combination that is causing the lines, I think.
Personally I would use an image editor to resize / crop my images from landscape to portrait, I would not need the EasyCrop filter.
Advanced Motion / PiP Path would give my animation / rotation of the image and sizing
Unsure with all that going on that I would need Pan and Zoom

Do a test to resize your images to portrait, I notice from your other post that they are 4:3 ratio
Try cropping them to 3 x 4, add to timeline as default size to apply Customise Motion to set the actual size, maybe 90%

As for PiP Path filter, that was used in 2022, not sure about 2021.
Customise Motion also known as Advanced Motion and shows in the list as PIP, PIP does not exist in the FX filter list as its an indication of Advanced Motion, just a little confusing with the 3 different names.
If you select the yellow star showing on the clip it displays the filters / effects we have applied with an easy option to remove them without opening the options panel.
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Re: Border Artifacts on Cropped Photos

Post by zaphodikus »

Gripps2211 has a video on something similar and shows a workaround - I cannot find it now, but he found that if you reposition a picture it did this, and he worked around it using the apply custom motion I think it was. I really cannot find the video where he showed these artefact borders, sorry.