Change speed by frame rate?

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Change speed by frame rate?

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Is there a way with Video Studio to speed up the video by changing frame rate rather than cutting out frames? The Speed/Time-Lapse works by cutting frames. I understand that. I would like to change the speed of the whole video by changing frame rate - same information, same number of total frames, just displayed faster. A 30fps video played at 60fps. Video watch time changes from 1 minute to 30 seconds, but no frames are deleted. Is this possible? Or the other way around to slow things down. I've tried project properties, but changing frame rate in the properties does not change total play time of video. LMK. Thank you.
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Re: Change speed by frame rate?

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welcome to the forums

No single click on the timeline ---- But yes there is a way to do that, a couple of processes to complete.

Assuming the video is using 30fps….
We would have to create an image of each frame, once done we add those images to a 60fps project and render to 60fps. Each image having a duration of 1 frame.

1 / insert your video to the timeline and Yes to the Messages to match the project properties to use 30fps
2 / Share – Custom – choose UIS – select the options cogwheel to set your frame size and frame rate and image quality, ok to that then choose a File location.
UIS = Ulead Image Sequence
3 / once complete there should be an image for every frame in the folder, Ignore the UIS file
Adding images to timelines,
4 / start a new project, change frame rate to 60fps,
5 / right click timeline for “Insert Photo for timeline / strobe”
6 / Keep 1, drop none, Duration 1 frame
6 / render using 60fps.

As 2 above, there is a free app called “FreeVideoToJPGConverter” This will extract the frames saving them as Jpeg, same size as video frame
Then add images to timeline