Final Videos always dark and bad quality

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Final Videos always dark and bad quality

Post by The1GoatBoy »


I obviously no expert, in fact I'm out and out rubish on computers so please bear with me.

I bought coral draw video studio Expert 2021 thanks to the reviews.

I can edit my videos to a point I'm happy enough with.

However, when I create the final edit all the clips go dark and crap, the originals used are crystal clear.

I have tried changing all the MPEG-4 optings to higher and lower rez, I've tried custom rez's, Ive tried ticking to box that says 'same as project settings' I simply cant get the final video of all my clips to look as clean and clear as the actual clips used.

What am I doing wrong?
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Re: Final Videos always dark and bad quality

Post by zaphodikus »

True, this can be daunting, formats are super complicated, so you want to stick with defaults. although it looks like you may have chose one of the "LUT" color correction filters accidentally?
By default you want to be sure to just use defaults for the output formats, 1920x1080 produces a clip that does not take ages to push up to youtube, you can boost that if you want viewers to get all the action you shot originally. I know none of this answers your question, but need more info. It could be anything from a weird overlay or custom motion, a filter or a side-effect of something else you probably did not know you have to tweak. You may want to preview some of the tutorials in case they cover something obvious that regular users take for granted.

1.What exact camera make+model are you shooting on, and what is your exact format? I'm suspecting something like you may have shot in 24 frames or 120 frames or something else unexpected.
2. Does the clip look clear in the preview when you play it back while editing?

In the meantime, try convert your footage using an online converter into MP4, and try just use that converted file instead.
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Re: Final Videos always dark and bad quality

Post by Ken Berry »

I'm also interested in identifying the program he is using. He said it is "coral draw video studio Expert 2021". Obviously enough the 'coral' is really meant to be "Corel", but what that other big Corel program -- Corel DRAW -- has to do with it, escapes me. And I don't know of any version of VideoStudio which calls itself 'Expert'. I am only aware of Ultimate and Pro versions.

Otherwise, zaphodikus's questions should also help get further information.
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