Thumbnails in MANAGE don't show edits: PSP2023

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Thumbnails in MANAGE don't show edits: PSP2023

Post by BrianM »

I am absolutely new to Corel. I downloaded a free trial of Paintshop Pro yesterday.
I edited some raw files (RW2) using Aftershot Lab. I can see the xmp files saved in my folder, and when I open the files again the edited file comes up. But the thumbnail I see in MANAGE is the original unedited picture.
How do I fix this? - I can't see anything that helps. There is a menu near the bottom of my screen that includes "refresh" but that doesn't seem to change anything.
Thanks for your help,
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Re: Thumbnails in MANAGE don't show edits: PSP2023

Post by LeviFiction »

No idea. It's entirely possible this isn't implemented yet. Raw Lab and Aftershot use different engines and they save this information in different ways. Manage Mode has it's own database which includes the XMP settings for Corel's built-in RAW Lab. And so any edits done with the RAW Lab would be visible. But those done in After Shot create a separate XMP file and the manage mode may not read it and send it through a background thumbnail generator for Aftershot. If I edit my image in AfterShot no thumbnail change, if I edit in Raw Lab the thumbnail changes.

Honestly, Corel has a tendency to introduce basic tool improvements and then in the next version makes them more/fully useful. It's entirely possible that because AfterShot isn't actually directly built into PSP it can't use the xmp files to generate an edit preview in Manage Mode...yet.