Out of Memory in PSP 2022

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Re: Out of Memory in PSP 2022

Post by patara »

Leslie wrote: Sat Jan 14, 2023 1:45 pm I tried it your way and it copied fine. I do have a selection on a promoted layer and one underneath.
But, I want to do the effect on the image with the selection.
Have you tried that?
Ok I tested in PSP 2021 32 bit, keeping in mind that my Simple Diamonds is inside Filters Unlimited Plugin. I had no problem with a area selected inside my image or inverse, on the image layer or promoted.
I then did the same thing in PSP 2023 64 bit using Simple Diamonds in Filters Unlimited via Mediachance's Plugin Bridge. Again no errors for me.
Show the steps you are trying to do and then I can try.
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Re: Out of Memory in PSP 2022

Post by Leslie »

Thanks so much. But at least I learned something.