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Welcome to the Corel User to User Web Board

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Please feel free to post your questions to the forums.
In an attempt to keep the forum clear of spam be aware that the first two posts are hidden until approved by our team, after which additional posts should show immediately.
A little patience is required but we do try to activate the posts as soon as we can.

The Subject of your post should be explicit and relevant to your problem.
Within the title of your post, please provide details of the program you are using, then expand on the Subject to explain your problem fully, help us to help you.
Images can be attached to your post which can be very useful in your explanation.
How to Attach images to your post

Help Files
Corel do provide User Guides and Tutorials, I am sure you will find useful.
With your program running selecting the Home icon (looks like a house) takes you to the Welcome screen (an internet connection is required) Spend some time viewing the Store to purchase extras, these usually have some free packs / templates available to download and install, Tutorials and User guides always useful.
From the programs Help menu there is an option for the User Guide in PDF format
Pressing F1 always accesses the program help files both containing a wealth of information.

Please Check Search function that's located above right. (Advanced Search) It is likely that your question has already been answered in another post!

Computer profiles showing to the right of your posts can be useful for those that answer your queries.
If you have not already done so, click on User Control Panel, then go to the Profile tab in the forum header and fill in the fields from:
Operating System:
through to....
Corel Programs:

If you have problems identifying your pc profile try the free Belarc Advisor Belarc Advisor
Although showing your full profile is voluntary we do try to encourage you to fill in the information.

Lastly, please remember that we are all volunteers and not employed by Corel, although Corel Support may visit from time to time.