Sony CCD-TR600 Handy Cam Video Hi8

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Sony CCD-TR600 Handy Cam Video Hi8

Post by hilary »

Hi, I have an old video cam with Hi8 tapes and I would like to upload the videos to Corel Video Studio. Is it possible? What is needed? I have the camera and my computer is Windows 10 Dell Inspiron 3656. I've tried for a few days but cannot get the program in 'capture' to connect to the video camera. Thank you so much for your suggestions, I do not have a high Tech IQ.
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Re: Sony CCD-TR600 Handy Cam Video Hi8

Post by Ken Berry »

Hi Hilary and welcome to the forum! Incidentally, we've moved your post to the VideoStudio forum as you are more likely to get responses here...

I saw your reference to your old Sony Hi8 handycam and wondered if it was one of the limited range that Sony produced which were a sort of crossover at the start of the digital age. Unfortunately, looking up the camera's Manual and specifications, I cannot see any reference at all to the item which would have been most helpful in this regard. This would have been a reference to a Firewire jack/port on the camcorder, though Sony also called it an i-Link. It was a way of connecting the camera via a cable to a computer which had a Firewire card in it (also known as an IEEE1394), and made capturing and then editing the video on the camera easy. I happen to have one of those Sony handycams with a Firewire port, and for a long time I only bought computers which had a Firewire card in them. (I still maintain a 15 year old computer because it was the last I had with a working Firewire connection.)

But as I found, yours does not. So what you need is some sort of simple capture device to which you can connect the camera and then connect the device to your computer. There are quite a few of them on the market, so just do a Google search and make up your mind. Your Sony does at least have an S-Video port which gives better quality than connecting via the camera's AV connection. The latter uses a triple ended cable (with usually yellow, red and black plugs at each end). This plugs into the camera at one end and the capture device at the other, and the capture device is connected to your computer via a USB cable.

While Video Studio will work properly with some of these capture devices, just be warned that it won't work with all of them. However, each capture device should come with its own capture software. Use that for capture, and once you have captured the video, you can then open the captured video in Video Studio for editing.

I might add that most if not all these capture devices will allow you to capture in mpeg-2 format. This will allow you to eventually convert the video into a DVD if that is what you are after. Or simply store the mpeg-2 on a USB stick drive or external hard drive, and and plug that into a modern TV directly or into an attached DVD or Blu-Ray player or other streaming device, to play the video back.
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