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custom effects

Post by Walkins »

Hi all
Anyone tell me how to place my own custom effect into Effect browser in PSP-2022?
Any advice very welcome
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Re: custom effects

Post by Kathy_9 »

Hello Watkins and welcome to the forum.

I've moved your post to the PSP forum as it will get better exposure/responses here.

The Effect Browser is not editable. What type of custom effect are you looking to save. It's possible that you can save it as a preset but we would need more information in order to guide you.
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Re: custom effects

Post by LeviFiction »

As Kathy_9 mentioned, if you're using one of the built in effects you can save a preset of any of the settings and they should show up in the Effects Browser for that effect. Plugins, however, won't appear. This is just for built-in effects.