Shotgun mic

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Shotgun mic

Post by zaphodikus »

So, I recently got me a Zoom H4, I cannot afford anything better, and it's good enough for things like recording a school concert. Which have been my most fun projects using videostudio 2021...but I have gotten an interest of late in campanology.
Any tips for a shotgun mic XLR (phantom powered) with dead cat included. Suitable for outdoors to aim at a church tower. The goal is to record as many bell towers as I possibly can and somehow catalog the sounds, something that has not been done at scale yet. I managed to get some audio using a built in mic, but forgot to do a few things.
1. bump the gain up a tad
2. aim accurately (not possible with a normal condenser mic) at the louvres of the bell tower
3. tripod up in the lee of the wind since the dead cat does not remove all wind
4. employ a scarecrow, since I'm picking up bird noises - which I hope the shotgun will remove

Seeking a shotgun/blimp that comes with a sock for under £100. I know it's not possible, but I'm not making any money off this at all. But it needs to be a mic designed to pick up a source over 10 meters away, and very few cheapo mics can and the straight mics are just too side sensitive anyway... Do I need a dish, won't that make new problems?