Correction of color shift due magnetic change

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Correction of color shift due magnetic change

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Hi All
I am a newcomer to this forum so hopefully I will make some kind of sense in my posts.
I have an mpeg4 file from 2005 that contains video transferred from VHS tape. The tape involved was recorded in 1984 and had deteriorated quite badly in places due - I think - to changes in the strength of the magnetic field involved. (Not knowing much about the science of videotapes I am not really sure). However, some segments of the file have a strong magenta color cast. It seems to relate to the original recording conditions because it is more often that not confined to a particular segment of the file or a particular scene.
I suspect it could be corrected by changing to color temperature or by simply reducing the strength of the magenta spectrum, but does anyone know if this would actually produce a satisfactory result? Parts of the image do look to be the correct colors so I am wary of just diving in and making a total mess.
Any advice or suggestions would be most appreciated.
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Re: Correction of color shift due magnetic change

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I've moved your post to the Video Studio forum since you are more likely to get responses there. You only indicate in your Profile that you have PaintShop Pro, but there's no mention of Video Studio? Do you have it, or is your question more of a general one? Video Studio comes with a number of filters, one or two of which can be used to correct color problems. But let us know what you have in the software department, and we can probably supply better details.
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