I need help concerning a Corel represenative.

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I need help concerning a Corel represenative.

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It's a long story, but a short start is this. A function in PSP 2021 was not working. I contacted Corel. A person contacted me. This person did a remote session, did not fix the problem. I contacted Corel to complain about what this person did. He/she intercepted the communication and now wants me to send him/her msinfo32 report and winAudit report. I got a security warning when attempting to do so. Wrote back I am not going to do as asked. This person sends another email insisting I send him/her the reports. I need someone at Corel to be aware of this without this person intercepting my communication. This person has a long, strange name in a foreign language. I am concerned.
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Re: I need help concerning a Corel represenative.

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I have contacted a couple of senior Corel execs who deal with PSP. Hopefully they will be in touch with you separately.

I trust you have kept copies of your communications with this employee. I can imagine, though, that they might want these reports as a further way of tracing the problem. I am also a little concerned that you appear to be drawing adverse conclusions about the employee based simply on the employee's "foreign" name. Multinational companies like Corel have employees from and in a very wide range of countries. But you may have a different view based on the actual terms used in the employee's messages to you.
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