WinDVD Pro 12 Won't Run!!!!!

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WinDVD Pro 12 Won't Run!!!!!

Post by 4ener »

Well, here we go.......

Just wanted to watch a DVD so I go to WinDVD and the double tap and what do you know the screen comes up and then just goes away. So, I try the same thing abut 10 times, partially expecting it to work. No dice!!!! So, I go to the Corel website to see if there's any update and low and behold there is one from January 2021 wow!!! Download and instal, double tap on the outstanding icon and the screen comes up again, and then changes to the choice page where you get to choose whether you want WinDVD to become your default app to open those great DVD's you want to watch. I click on YES, just to save me the trouble later on and then, nothing happens. I try it again and nothing happens.

OK, so I haave this app that I paid good money for that works when it feels like it and most of the time doesn't.

What's going on with this thing??? Will someone at Corel fix this app once and for all ....

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Re: WinDVD Pro 12 Won't Run!!!!!

Post by Doctor9fan »

Do you have your license key available as well as installation media? If yes then try using Revo Uninstaller to completely remove WinDVD & then reinstall it: ... ller-free/
What OS are you running?
Ensure the PC/Mac is fully up to date.