Can't open DNG Pentax KS2 files

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Can't open DNG Pentax KS2 files

Post by Glen_S »

I'm beginning to regret paying for this software, as I am unable to open any DNG files with it.

First I tried my Gopro timelapse raw files, before and after using the Adobe conversion utility on them, no go, can't see them, can't open them.

The I shot some with my Pentax KS-2 camera, thinking okay this is a more mainstream camera and has a camera profile for ASP3, loaded the camera profile, restarted app.

Still nothing.

Get on chat with support, who basically cut & pasted instructions to everything I just did, and linked me to a page that said indeed, Corel Aftershot Pro 3 does support Pentax DNG files. I told them I'd been there, done that, and installed the camera profile. The then instructed me to reset application settings so I did that, renaming the appdata & registry Corel folders, deleted all temp files and restarted PC, restarted app, reinstalled KS2 camera profile, restarted app again, and still nothing, can't see or open Pentax DNG files

Oddly enough, I can open PEF files from my K10D so I switched the KS2 to PEF format and am able to see those files, but I would sooner shoot in DNG because the camera shoots jpg + DNG, when I set it to PEF it shoots PEF only.

I'll be checking out the Rawtherapee free program next - but in the meantime, is there anything I can do to get this program working for DNG files?

thanks in advance