Be carefull, when you buy Pinacle Studio!

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Be carefull, when you buy Pinacle Studio!

Post by edoras »

I bought Pinacle Studio 20 few years ago. I bought new computer and I try to install it on the new computer.
During installation I got error message "This serial number has been used too many times. Please contact customer support - error code 1001" .
I contacted support line by email. They answered after 24hours and tell me to send them screenshot of the message. I sent it.
They answered me after next 24 hours again and tell me to send them invoice, where I bought the product. Ofcourse I havent the invoice, it is at least 3 years ago, when I bought it. I sent them photo of original DVD and original product box. I contacted them by online chat, they promised me, they will contact me immediatelly, but nobody answered untill now (it is next 12 hours already).

Never time I will buy any product from Corel and I'm looking for another product for video, because support doesn't work and their products are time limited ... you are limited for few installations and then you can not install it anymore and support will not help you!
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Re: Be carefull, when you buy Pinacle Studio!

Post by Ken Berry »

As I have said in a very recent post, we don't cover Pinnacle in this forum. There is a completely separate forum with its own quite independent registration system for that. See See
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