Video and Audio synchronization problem with Sony HDR-HC9 + Dazzle DVD Recorder DVD + Pinnacle

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Video and Audio synchronization problem with Sony HDR-HC9 + Dazzle DVD Recorder DVD + Pinnacle

Post by frankspuls »


It is my first experience to try to import a video from my old Sony HDR-HC9 to my Lenovo ThinkPad using Dazzle DVD Recorder HD.
I only still have my Sony A/V cable so I connected this cable to the Dazzle using the Yellow, White and Red jackets.
I imported the video but when looking to the video I found out that in the beginning the image equals the sound (so you see and hear someone speaking something at the SAME moment) but after ten minutes the image is 5 seconds later than the sound (so you HEAR someone speaking something and after FIVE seconds you SEE someone speaking what you already heard.

The Sony Handycam also has a iLink connector and a Component Out connecter. Because my laptop does not have Firewire I am afraid I cannot use iLink and because I do not have the Sony Component Out cable I cannot use this connector.

Can someone help me how to solve this synchronization problem? Is it caused by my laptop? Is it the configuration of the Pinnacle Studio Software? is it the Dazzle? Is it the A/V connector that I use? Is it a combination? I am a bit lost and would appreciate your help!! Many thanks!
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Re: Video and Audio synchronization problem with Sony HDR-HC9 + Dazzle DVD Recorder DVD + Pinnacle

Post by Ken Berry »

I'm afraid that our forums do not cover Pinnacle Studio. They have a completely separate forum and registration, so you will need to go there and register. See

I'm sure, though, that they will say that for that type of camcorder, you would need to use the Firewire connection to get the best quality. In other words, you would need to explore ways of adjusting your computer to accept video via Firewire. The alternatives, which include what you are already using, will at best only give you streaming quality video which is not very good at all, as you have found. Using Firewire and capturing as DV/AVI, gives you quite good quality. There are supposed to be Firewire-to-USB devices out there which might do the trick, though I have to add that I have never used them. I keep what is now a 15 year old computer with Firewire in good order for the times I need to capture using Firewire, though this is now very rare for me.
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