Need a help

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Need a help

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Is there another program out there that has anything similar to PI's groups? What program have others tried that is the most similar to PI?

I've been a loyal PI user for years, but I'm finally having trouble with windows 10. When I save a file via PI, it takes a good 3 minutes to show up as saved, and now, PI is not able to "see" some photos on my hard drive. Bummer!

So, I'd like to start familiarizing myself with a new program, as I really think my PI's days are limited. One of the things I love most about PI is the ability to create groups to store my UFO's. So, when I am working on a design, all the "pieces" are UFOs and they are all grouped together, which makes finding what I need soooooooo easy.

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Re: Need a help

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There are no other programs that work with UFO files, afaik only PI was able to create those files.
I have PI installed and as far as I know is working ok.
What type of file does the program have trouble reading, Jpeg, Tiff, etc.

I believe Grouping may be an option of PI

You should ask your question to the Paint Shop Pro forum, that image editing program may do what you want.
Works with pspimage files, the guys there will be able to advise on grouping but as i say i think its a PI feature.