X3 or v12 did open No Longer Win10

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operating_system: Windows 10
System_Drive: C
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motherboard: Aspire TC-280
processor: AMD A10-7800
ram: 12GB
Video Card: Radeon R7
sound_card: AMD High Definition Audio Device
Hard_Drive_Capacity: 2TB
Monitor/Display Make & Model: ViewSonic ViewSonic VX2453
Corel programs: PhotoImpact X3

X3 or v12 did open No Longer Win10

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I have been using Ulead/Corel Products Since PhotoImpact 3 (1996)

I currently run several PC's 2 of which have Windows 10, since its release.

PhotoImpact 12 and X3 have always worked on both machines (Acers), until about a week ago 5 Jul, when X3 would not open.

I tried v12 and it opened and continued using v12, then yesterday 11 Jul, v12 would not open.

I had already uninstalled X3 two days ago (10 Jul) since it was not working since 5 Jul.

12 Jul, I uninstalled v12 (via Control Panel PhotoImpact 12), reinstalled X3 (following the install instructions of entering Serial Number: for Owned using v12 and New Serial Number: for X3

Naturally in the last Couple Weeks, MS Win10 has updates, which I run Automatically. And I have on Both Acer's AM3970 & TC-280 ran Windows Updates, as well stay Driver Updated via DriverEasy, Security Malwarebytes Premium, Norton360, with daily updates and scans and today ran Norton's Power Eraser...neither Malwarebytes or Norton or Power Eraser find issues.

I do not edit System Registry, Obviously something is now affecting this Acer TC-280, however I repeat same Updates of Win10 on the Acer AM3970, which also runs DriverEasy, Malwarebytes Premium and Norton360. Acer AM3970's PhotoImpact 12 works. So I tend to rule out Win10 Updates as the culprit.

Both Acer's are not identical per System/Mother Board, Amount of RAM, System Registry, both with 2TB internal Drives, which I also run frequently SFC /scannow, and Acer's Care Center's Checkup and Tuneup Hard Drive Good, Acer Care is also updated weekly, if applicable.

Both Acer's run same Software & Programs I require. Open for Suggestions...as a little baffled of why both PI 12 & X3