Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra or Corel WinDVD Pro?

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Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra or Corel WinDVD Pro?

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This question has most likely been posted hundreds of times on hundreds of other forums; I looked at those, but they were of no help - I couldn't find an objective opinion anywhere.
That's why I decided to ask the question to my #1 community, hoping for an objective analysis that could help me decide.

My current laptop specs are these.

BRAND :: 2012 Sony VAIO
PROCESSOR :: Inter Core i3
RAM :: 4GB
HDD :: 500GB
GRAPHIC :: Nvidia (forgot the exact model)
O.S. :: Windows 7 Home Player 64bit SP1

I will also buy a new laptop, so the player should run on both laptops.
Which player is better to run smoothly on both machines, Cyberlink or Corel?