WinDVD Pro 12 Not Working on LG TV

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WinDVD Pro 12 Not Working on LG TV

Post by jasonjacob »

Hi all just wondering if anyone else that uses WinDVD Pro 12 has had any success playing blurays on a newer TV. My old 1080p Toshiba used to play just fine but since upgrading to a 4k LG TV the application is just black when attempting playback. Audio is still playing OK and if I drag it over to either of my monitors it immediately starts working. Their support has been worse than useless so I was just wondering if anyone had some success and might know what I'm doing wrong.
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Re: WinDVD Pro 12 Not Working on LG TV

Post by samjack »

The opposite happens to me. I can see the image of the movies on my Sony 4k TV, but the sound is muted.

The tech service tells me to unplug the tv and watch the movie on my laptop. :shock: