Club Try Dive Video (Feb 2019)

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Club Try Dive Video (Feb 2019)

Post by Scubbie »

Ok, it's now April and I should have completed this a little sooner. This video was recorded back in February at a club event and shows the progression of those who are trying out Scuba for the first time in the pool.

All edited within VS 2018 Ultimate.

For the technically minded...

For the music, I used Free Music Archive and Purple Planet.

The footage was recorded using three cameras:
  • Panasonic W850
  • Panasonic DMC-G5
  • GoPro Hero 5 Black
For the intro I've used a short piece which I captured from the NASA feed off the Space Station, followed by the Globe from NewBlue Titler 5. This is then followed by a title intro I put together myself that was inspired by the VS Intro template IP-16.

For most of the video I've used simple transitions (mostly crossfade). I've also used a few from the NewBlue FX Motion Blends pack. I have used a few other transitions in a few positions but I normally don't like to use too many as it can distract from the video.

For most of the video, the sound follows the right piece. I've split the sound in a couple of places to bridge an otherwise tenuous mix of clips (at least sound wise).

Towards the end, I have used the template 'Middle IP-17' then finishing off with the template 'Ending IP-33'. I have to use a rendered version of the video for the clips in the end credits as the pieces of the video clips I wanted to use were all less than the 15 seconds required for the template. Normally I like to use either a still or single clip at this stage and the other templates utilise shorter times for the clips.

As the video is on YouTube I finished off the video with a few cards to encourage people to watch more videos on the channel and have added the sound of breathing underwater which I recorded on a dive last summer.

I have used "Color Fixer Plus" on all the video clips to compensate for the lighting both above and below the water. Above water isn't too difficult but the artificial lights do affect the colours that the camera captures. Underwater, even in a well lit swimming pool, is a lot harder. With depth you lose the colours of the spectrum, starting with red and finishing with blue. This is also true horizontally. Contrast can also be lost, which can make blacks appear a little washed out. Correcting the white balance is one thing, but overcompensating can produce reds where there should be whites. It's a fine are and not easy without the professional lighting setup that the big Hollywood films studios use for their underwater scenes.

Next planned project: Try Dive April 2019!