Aftershot Pro closes won't open

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Aftershot Pro closes won't open

Post by oldmaven »

Using ASP3 under Win 10 x64 ver 1803.

When I try to open APS3, it gets as far as the splash screen and says "initializing...", then disappears. TaskManager shows memory usage peaks at 7+ MB when the splash screen is up, then goes to 1.5MB for a second or two before going away.
Schofit OMD M5
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Re: Aftershot Pro closes won't open

Post by Schofit OMD M5 »

I feel your pain, I have the same problem with ASP 3. :shock: I have never had the program run correctly. The repair program does not fix it and the uninstall does not fully uninstall the program either. What?
Am interested to hear if you have had the program run as intended, ever and if you get satisfaction and a fully operational program from tech support.
I live in hope.