Setting Photo Impact 12 as default photo program in Windows

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Setting Photo Impact 12 as default photo program in Windows

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This was probably posted some time back but thought it might just note a help here. I use PhotoImpact 12 as most of my main photo editing because it is a powerful and simple program that is easy to use and had reloaded the program into a new Windows 10 laptop. After scratching my head for a while trying to make PhotoImpact 12 my default photo program in Windows 10 I figured it out. I had been looking in Windows 10 default apps menu for PhotoImpact 12 to be my default photo viewer app but it was not listed anywhere. I tried all sorts of ways to get it to show up on the list but it wouldn't do it. Finally i went into PhotoImpact 12 clicked on File - Preferences - General... then at the bottom of the Category list you will see System with an Associate extension. Click on Associate and you will see file extension names with boxes in front. Click what ever individual file extension or all file extensions and then click OK at the bottom. Now if you go into the default photo viewer program in Windows 10 PhotoImpact 12 should be listed on the menu to use as long as you have clicked on enough file extensions to satisfy Windows 10 to allow it to show in the menu which I think is 2 or three.
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Re: Setting Photo Impact 12 as default photo program in Wind

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Are you having any trouble using the text tool? Every time I click on text my program crashes. It's horrible.
any help out there?

I have photo Impact Pro Version 10 and purchased PhotoImpact 13 thinking an upgrade might fix it but NO! Now I have 2 photoImpact programs that crash.