Crashing When Generating Previews

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Crashing When Generating Previews

Post by eja »

I was editing some jpg files. I was adding keywords, and adjusting exposure etc. I then imported the files into my catalog and the program crashed. I restarted the computer and chose not to resume when presented with the choice at startup. I attempted to load the files again. When ASP started to generate the previews it crashed again. I restarted the program and used the file tab to load some different folders. It all worked fine.

I can still access the folder that will not load in ASP3 while using Photomechanic however I can't access them using ASP3.

I updated the iptc/xmp data using Photomechanic with the hopes that this might magically clear the problem. No luck.

Anybody else have this problem or can suggest any fixes? I'd like to continue using ASP3 because I am getting comfortable in it, but I must admit it does tend to crash for mysterious reasons. If this continues, then I will have to seek another alternative.

I don't want to pay subscription fees, so adobe is out. Any other suggestions would be welcome.

Windows 10
12mg ram
thinkbook e460