[SOLVED] Menus only display momentarily (UK English sense)

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[SOLVED] Menus only display momentarily (UK English sense)

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When I click on the menus in my PI X3 on Windows 7 the menus only display for less than a second and then disappear. I can only get to sub men functions using short cut keys (e.g. Ctrl E for Hue and Saturation) since the menu has disappeared before I can move my mouse pointer there.

It is like my mouse button is not working but my mouse is fine in all other software.

I am loath to reinstall since people are having re-installation issues, as one does with OLD software. I am oldish. PI works fine fine fine for my uses.

Any suggestions? Perhaps my PI is doing something, like an auto-save (but not this) every second. What could it be doing?

I found out what it was. It was a HUION tablet driver that was in fact stealing the mouse button in other software too. I was not noticing it elsewhere. Here in Firefox menus and context menus remain displayed. Anyway, If I shut down the HUION driver in the task manager the problem is cured and I can use PI fine. I will turn off the driver in services so that it only starts up when I am using the tablet which I never got used to anyway.

In UK English, momentarily means very briefly, but US English, apparently, momentarily can mean in a short time the future. Once I was in Chicago station and there was an announcement saying "The train to X (my destination) will be stopping momentarily at platform Y". I sprinted across the station.