Help with WinDVD file association problem

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Help with WinDVD file association problem

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I just upgraded from WinDVD 5 to WinDVD 6. As usual, I asked it to not associate itself with anything (I prefer to use WMP10 for most things).Now, though, when I right-click on a file (e.g. an MPG) and choose "Open With...", WinDVD doesn't appear on the list of programs. OK, but here's the wierd part -- If I browse to the location of WINDVD.EXE and choose it, it still doesn't appear on the list.Therefore I can't play any files in WinDVD without running the program and opening the file in WinDVD (or permanently changing the file association manually with the Advanced tab, which I don't want to do).Any ideas?

Please help

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