Windows Defender Severe Alert

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Windows Defender Severe Alert

Post by wmcorley »

Windows displayed an alert last night for the first time - see attached png - telling me that it had discovered a virus. The WinDVD11 file version is I'm attaching a snip of that too. I searched the internet and this forum and don't find any other reports. WinDVD11 won't play a blu-ray after it quarantines it. I can make it work by excluding the WinDVD folder.

The warning is for
and the file is

This appears to be a WinDVD file but I can't be sure.

I'm not sure what to do next. Does anyone have any suggestions? Windows Defender wants to remove it.
I did a little more checking and found that
is a hidden file and it appears when WinDVD starts and disappears when it exists.

I came across some instructions from Corel for uninstalling WinDVD manually here: ... om-Windows
and it includes instructions to delete the sMedio folder:
8) Change the location then to C:\ProgramData
9) Delete the folder sMedio

I made a copy of the file while WinDVD was running and uploaded it to virustotal and seven of the detection sites show it contained a virus.

Since Experian and Kaspersky have been compromised I tend to treat this kind of event seriously; I might have shrugged it off in the past, given that it's coming from Corel. Now I'm not so sure.

So Corel, is this ok?
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