ASP 3 Freezes When Exporting or Using External Editor

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ASP 3 Freezes When Exporting or Using External Editor

Post by eja »

I have ASP 3.3. and I am using it on a Macbook Air. OS 10.12, I5 Processor and 2 GB ram. When I select a file to export or to edit in an external editor the program acts like it's trying to accomplish the functions but it is not able to do so. The program will still operate but very slowly. In fact the whole computer will slow down. After messing with the problem for a few hours this is what I've found.

1. The problem also is present in ASP 2
2. The problem goes away if I don't use the clone or healing tool.

I can use other local adjustments like color, white balance etc.., but if I use the clone/healing tool it reoccurs. I never noticed this before because I did all of the local spot healing Gimp before ASP3. It looks like I"ll have to continue to do so. I've sent a request in to customer support but have not heard back at the moment.

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?